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photo by Phil Honley

"....the sublime guitarmanship of.... Steve Wright...." 


List of Film & Television Credits


  • The New Shoes Award winning short film at the Edinburgh Film Festival

  • The Lost Weekend (Poly Gram)

  • Double Take (Universal)

  • Unfinished Business (Fremantle Media)


  • Brookside Channel 4 (1982-2003 5 nights a week plus omnibus)

  • What Now Channel 4

  • Damon and Debbie Channel 4

  • Dream Kitchen Channel 4 (Also shown as part of the Howard Schumann Lectures)

  • Close Guide Channel 4

  • Waterfront Beat BBC1

  • Science Fiction Yorkshire Television

  • And The Beat Goes On Channel 4

  • Doorstep DIY British SkyBroadcasting

  • Grange Hill BBC

  • No. 10 Brookside Close Channel 4

  • Hollyoaks Channel 4 (1996 ongoing 5 nights a week plus Omnibus)

  • The Courtroom Channel 4

  • Moving On BBC1 (5×45 min. Episodes)

  • Moving On series 2 BBC1 (10×45 min. Episodes)

  • Moving On Series 3 BBC1 (5x45min.  Episodes)

  • Movin' On Series 4 BBC1

  • Movin' On Series 5 BBC1

  • Movin' On Series 6 BBC1

  • Justice BBC1 (5x45 min. Episodes)

  • Movin' On Series 7 BBC1 (2014)

Steve Wright - guitar/vocals

Steve has a long history in the music business. From his early days in the house band at The Cavern Club in Liverpool accompanying visiting American rock, soul and blues artists to being a highly respected  and successful composer for the TV and film industry.

Born Liverpool, England 1952. Steve has been involved in music since the age of 7 and has been working as a professional with companies such as BBC, Channel 4, ITV etc since 1982. He is a former Head of Music for Merseyside Television. He works from his own fully equipped studio. He composed the music for a major 5 part drama for the BBC in England in April 2009 and has just recently finished 10 episodes for Series 2. He also arranged and produced the music for the Opening Ceremony for the 2009 Chinese/American Film Festival in Hollywood. Steve has completed music for another major drama series  for the BBC in England, which was filmed in November 2010. Perhaps the best known series Steve has worked on are Brookside, Grange Hill and Hollyoaks.

When it comes to live performances, Steve's great musical love is the blues! As a blues performer Steve also leads his own band The Blues Gang with which in 2009 he headlined The International Guitar Festival of Great Britain. He has an instantly identifiable guitar sound and a style and character which is both precise and emotive.
Concurrent with Sugarkane, Steve is also guitarist with award winning blues singer Connie Lush.

Steve plays Tom Anderson guitars and is an Endorsee of Fuchs Amplifiers U.S.A.

Andy Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 100/50 Head
Andy Fuchs Overdrivee Supreme 30
THD 2x12" Cab, Celestion G12 65 speakers
Cornfield 1x12" Cab,Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker

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