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"....the band boasts the....prodigious drumming of Joachim Greve...." BLUES IN BRITAIN

Joachim Greve drums
Joachim Karl Greve be precise. Joachim was born just a stone's throw away from the north pole into a family of moderately successful tea growers. After figuring out that tea farming would only be profitable again in the arctic circle around the year 2371, Greve became disgruntled with his lot as he was unwilling to wait that long. At 2 1/2 years old he thought enough is enough and decided to emigrate to the US in order to commit suicide so he could be born again under a more favourable set of circumstances and start afresh. After proving to US custom officials that he had read all major works by Droonard Cullwinkle on the evitable and inevitable consequences of successful suicide he was admitted under the condition that he would not waste any more time. Having never found a building or bridge worthy of committing suicide from, he regrouped and became a hermit. Here, through years of phlegmatic reflection, he developed the "I don't care - you do it!" drumming style where one hand relies on the other to do the playing. An approach which was a runaway success with predominantly single-handed female hermits in the woodlands of Delaware. Having established a reputation as an opinionated, self-obsessed but ambidextrous drummer of extreme mood swings, "Puro Bandido" counted themselves lucky when they hired Greve in exchange for some Danish pastry and a pint of good Belgian beer.

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